‘Binding Enlightenment’ by Tracey Cromby-Nagy-Felsobuki

Tracey Cromby

'Binding Enlightenment' by student Tracey Cromby-Nagy-Felsobuki was developed in Develop a Writing Project in 2021. 


The purpose of attending university, of undertaking tertiary education, is to flourish our spirit. To crack open our bony skulls so that knowledge can flow in and to prise open our unruly hearts so that understanding of ourselves and our world can flow out.

As much as we learn professional writing and editing, we learn about ourselves. In my second year of PWE I notice a mysterious alchemy taking place. Initial resistances have mellowed.

I learn to handle aspects of the course that once seemed daunting. Trust continues to grow.

Relishing the challenges of striving and developing; delighting in the lightbulb moments when that proverbial penny finally drops; and uplifted and encouraged by good results. Engaging in this guided writing and editing apprenticeship under the industry-respected and acknowledged auspices of RMIT’s PWE course, with appreciation.

I don’t know yet what will BE by the end of the course, only that it’s the unfolding discovery: walking along the lit corridor, opening a series of doors and looking inside, trusting that one of the spaces will reveal the deep affinity:  fiction writing or editing or proofreading or literary agent?

Or perhaps, conceptualising laterally, unearthing a curiosity and yearning to delve right into the tangible physical heart of books themselves; thus pondering studying book-binding, book repair and conservation.

For this lifetime love of words and writing and books.