Kate Mildenhall’s ‘The Mother Fault’

The Mother Fault_Kate Mildenhall_RMIT

Kate Mildenhall is a former student in the Associate Degree of Professional Writing and Editing, and in September 2020 she published her much-anticipated second novel, The Mother Fault.

The Mother Fault, published by Simon and Schuster, is a superb dystopian literary thriller. It is a must read.

About The Mother Fault:

Mim’s husband is missing. No one knows where Ben is, but everyone wants to find him – especially The Department. And they should know, the all-seeing government body has fitted the entire population with a universal tracking chip to keep them ‘safe’.

But suddenly Ben can’t be tracked. And Mim is questioned, made to surrender her passport and threatened with the unthinkable – her two children being taken into care at the notorious BestLife.

Cornered, Mim risks everything to go on the run to find her husband – and a part of herself, long gone, that is brave enough to tackle the journey ahead.

From the stark backroads of the Australian outback to a terrifying sea voyage, Mim is forced to shuck off who she was – mother, daughter, wife, sister – and become the woman she needs to be to save her family and herself.

To learn more about Kate Mildenhall, check out katemildenhall.com.

You can also listen to Kate's interview about The Mother Fault on The Garret: Writers on Writing, hosted by our Program Coordinator Astrid Edwards.