‘Your Umbrella’ by Heath Ramsay

Heath Ramsay_Your umbrella

‘Your Umbrella’ by student Heath Ramsay was workshopped in Poetry and Performance in 2020.


Sex in the city after film class

you weren't who you pretended to be

but I didn’t mind

you were cute and bashful

hungry and nervous


So many noodles!

I’m drowning in an ocean of Mi goreng logos

you take me by the hand and lead me to a bedroom that isn’t yours

then, glory of glories

you ask if you can take off my shoes


We jostle for position

the race is on

by crikey you are determined

but wait, just a moment

come closer and give me your face


Post coital glow and candour

horizontal rain pelting the windows

our own private carwash

a roving silhouette of raindrops dance across your torso

Well isn’t this nice


Bear hugs and chuckles in the hallway

a quick sting of sadness behind my eyes

we both notice we’re holding hands

a reluctant slow dance

towards your front door


You offered me so much more than your umbrella

but this tone-deaf fool politely discouraged your kindness

promises, promises

I’d like that, stay safe

one final kiss in the Kingdom of Noodles


It felt exquisite to be alive in our carwash

but now, a plague of if onlys

the Fail Whale stole you from me

My Noodle Prince

We are unbridgeable